Before you make the decision to sell your property, you need to understand exactly what you have, what it is worth, and whether it is suitable for sale at auction. We are here to answer all of these questions.

Information Needed When Submitting Material

Author / Artist

Title / Subject



Signature, Inscription, Edition Number


Provenance and acquisition history

Photograph of the work and close-ups of important details *(signature, 1 detail of any part of the work, picture of verso)

How estimates are determined
The estimate is a value range based on prices fetched at auction by similar items, dealer's prices, and the specialist's knowledge of the current market. Estimates are published in the catalogue along with a description of the item as a guide to potential buyers.

Reserve (if applicable)
A reserve is a pre-established minimum price. Our house reserve is 50% of the low estimate, but can be raised in confidential consultation. Reserves can never be more than the low estimate. Excessive reserves and estimates tend to inhibit bidding and work to the consignor's disadvantage.

In case of your object remains unsold
The consignor consults with the specialist and decides whether to re-offer the material in a future sale or to have it returned.

A minimum charge of 25,00 for lots that fail to sell

2% Insurance

Illustration fee (minimum charge 20,00)

Consignment Costs
Sellers are charged a commission based on the hammer price of each lot. The standard commission structure is on a sliding scale:

15% for each lot over 1,000 up to and including 2,000

10% for lots selling for more than 2,000

2% Insurance

Illustration fee (minimum charge 20,00)

Please send your object/ work to CONSIGN@JARTAUCTIONS.COM for a quick and fair valuation for the next available auction.
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